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15 signs your man is another man's Man!(18+) by Daniel Teinye

 Article written by LIB reader, Daniel Teinye. Read below...
The recent laws on homosexuality has turned most Nigerian men Bi-sexuals. You have to be scared not because Ikenna is flirting with Judith, in fact clap for Jesus if he is...because Ikenna could be Kingsley's lover.

Here are the signs your man is another man's man.
1. There is something weird about some of his friends,most of whom he shares long history with.
2. He spends more time with his "guys" than with you.
3. He and his friend(s) speak coded words when around you.

4. He is too conscious of his looks when "hanging out with the boys".

5. He doesn't take calls from unknown numbers around you.

6. He doesn't have sex with you on a regular.

7. He is very free with "your girls" and could entertain them well in your absence.

8. He spends most nights out with the excuse of "baby,it was late...had to sleep at kunle's"


10. He is always on social media.

11. His friend list is more of men than women.

12. His facebook reads "Interested in Men and Women.

13. You cannot have his facebook password.

14. His phone is always locked.

15. He takes you out only on occasions.

...don't be a lesbian! (Having sex with a man who is another's wife).
 Know your man TODAY!

Article by:
Daniel Teinye Boyle
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