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Buhari, the Army is not with your original certificates —Insider

 Certainly, the last has not been heard in the Buhari "missing" certificates saga. What is making this matter a topical one for Nobleupdates is that General Muhammadu Buhari has contested elections thrice, so which certificate did he tender to INEC back then? Or has it been the same story?

Now, just few days after the former Head of State and Presidential candidate of the APC explained in a sworn affidavit submitted to INEC that all his academic credentials were with the Military Board, the Army have stated that they do not keep the certificates of any serving or retired officer or soldier.

However, against the backdrop of Buhari’s claims, a military source has disclosed that "the Army can not keep anybody’s original certificate because it is the personal property of the owner."

He added that such original certificates were only needed at the point of entry into the service.

According to the source, the Military only kept photocopies of credentials of officers and soldiers in their personal files that were in the military secretary’s office.

“The original certificate of any officer or soldier is only needed at the point of entry into the service either as a cadet officer entering the Nigerian Defence Academy, or the recruitment officers when interviewing recruits to be sent to the depot for training. That is so, because they are needed to verify what were in the photocopies supplied by them or from the necessary examining bodies.”

The source further stated that anybody claiming that his original certificates were with the Military Secretary (Army), had "ulterior motive(s) or something he or she cannot explain."

He further added, “Let me tell you now, in the Navy, the Navy Secretary, NAVSEC, keep the documents of all Naval officers and ratings and not their original certificates which are their personal property.

Buhari is contesting the presidential election for the 4th time on t he platform of APC but the issue of his qualifications had never been controversial until the PDP, recently described him as a "semi- illiterate."

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