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T.B Joshua takes relatives of building collapse victims on shopping spree

 According to a story that made the front cover of South African newspaper, Daily News, T.B Joshua took some relatives of the 85 South Africans killed in the collapse of his church building last year, on a shopping spree and showered them with cash.

The pastor invited relatives of about 44 victims to Nigeria and many of them accepted to come. T.B Joshua reportedly put them in nice hotels, took them shopping and gave every family member N50k each. He also took the families to the site of the collapse building where they lost their loved ones.

Schoolteacher, Wonder Ndlovu, 47, whose husband, Mbongeni Ndlovu, 52, died in the collapse to SA Daily News

    "He (Joshua) took us to a five-star posh hotel for dinner, fine food and drinks. The hotel is in Victoria Island. After chilling, we came back in his luxurious kombis. There were more surprises while we were preparing to sleep. The mamas who took us shopping knocked and presented us with N50 000 each and they said we must not use all our (own) shopping money. I just sang A huna ya tshwana le yena (there’s no one like him),” she said.

    "We met with the man of God (Joshua) and he briefed us about the site visit. Wiseman Harry and other evangelists took us there, it was very emotional for me, but others were strong and comforting. I brought flowers from South Africa and laid them with my son. The prophet is full of surprises. After weeping, he took us to the city to see places. To our surprise we shopped till we dropped and the bill is on him.”

    "We were having the time of our lives, forgetting the pain of the past and looking forward to picking up the pieces and moving on. Yesterday has gone by, but tomorrow is forever.”

    Ndlovu said of the disaster site: “It is ugly. Looking at the building foundations, we are convinced it was an attack.”

Another group is expected to come to Nigeria this month.
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  1. God wi
    L forever bless u tb Joshua

    1. So humble, and with the heart of a baby, God bless Him