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Yoruba Youths give Asari Dokubo final warning over his threats

 The youths in South West have warned the former leader of the Niger Delta militants, Muhajid Asari Dokubo to desist from making statements that can aggravate the already volatile Nigerian polity.

The youths under the aegis of Yoruba Youths Congress (YYC) while reacting to a statement credited to the former militant in a statement by its publicity secretary, Ganiyu Semiu, in Ibadan, said they did not believe in change through violence but change devoid of violence, bloodshed and kidnapping.

The youths who claimed that they were saving their strength for the February 14 presidential election, said it was expedient to caution Asari Dokubo on his excesses before it's too late.

Dokubo had threatened to destroy South West and move to the northern region if Jonathan was not returned to Aso Rock in 2015.

The yoruba youths said Dokubo has destroyed Niger Delta and migrated to the ‘most peaceful region’, South West, having used innocent persons as sacrificial lambs, in the name of fighting marginalisation.

The youths recalled an interview where Dokubo stated that President Goodluck Jonathan did not have the effrontery not to seek for second term otherwise Jonathan should not come home to Ijaw land.

“With Dokubo’s level of education, he needs not to be reminded that election into the office of President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria requires majority of the votes count in a free and fair election and in addendum to having majority of the votes count, the eventual winner must also have at least 25 percent of the votes count in two-third states of the federation.

“It is needless to say that a servant will always do the bidding of his paymaster, we may not really have to blame Asari. He, just like his colleagues in the Federal Government cabinet, that are calling black spot a white for us, even if we are all fools like they’ve always thought, we are not blind,” the statement said.

They reminded Dokubo that the office of President should be occupied by a democratic with independent mind, not for an opportunist that sees himself as the president of a region or a political party.
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