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19yr old Australian girl accuses Nigerian man of brutal rape in Bali

19 year old Australian Audrey Pekin, (left) has told how she was allegedly raped twice by a Nigerian man she identified as Henry Alafu (pictured right), while on holiday in Bali with her family last Christmas. Speaking with Channel 9's A Current Affair, Audrey said she met Henry at a party and a few days later, he called to tell her there was a party happening at a villa and asked her if she wanted to come. She agreed. But instead of taking her to the party, Henry allegedly took her to where he was staying and there, he allegedly raped her.

"He went from a man to a monster. I can't quite describe the feeling, the sadness, to know what was about to happen and that I would or could not have done anything to stop it. I was literally shaking and drooling... I threw some very feeble punches, but I could not move my arms...I could not move anything.' Audrey told ACA
She claimed that after the first alleged attack, she managed to escape his place but Henry followed her and when she went to passersby for help, they refused to help after Henry allegedly told them to ignore her and 'to stay out of it'. And when she managed to get a cab to take her to her hotel, Henry forced his way into the taxi and allegedly raped her again in it. (and the taxi driver allowed that to happen? Huh?)

She said another man eventually came to her rescue and took her to her hotel and her family rushed her to the hospital, where doctors found her entire body covered in bruises.
'He was crushing me, he nearly suffocated me... He could have killed me,' Audrey told ACA.
CCTV footage captured Alafu waiting in the lobby for Ms Pekin, as she stopped at the hotel before they continued with their night out. It was before the alleged attack took place

A number of Facebook posts by Henry Alafu, under a different name, including a picture he uploaded of the two together the night before, led to Pekins family to believe it 'evident' he was the man who allegedly attacked their daughter.
Police were in possession of Alafu's phone number, Facebook profile and current address, but the Pekin family says they did not do enough.
'It's just so hard to know what to do,' Ms Pekin's father, Karl, said. It's incredibly frustrating... They could have picked him up - he was still a threat. It's clear who he was, clear where he was, so we don't know why he wasn't picked up.'   
It was not until January 12, 18 days after the alleged attack, an attempt to arrest the Nigerian national was made. Four of Alafu's friends were arrested in a raid on the property on January 14, however it is believed he had escaped by that point. 
Police tracking revealed his phone was later used in Jakarta before being deactivated. His Facebook account was later opened from Nigeria.
The Pekin family was paid more than $14,000 in legal fees over four days to proceed with the case. 
'I think Bali is a lawless country,' Ms Pekin said. 
'It has laws when it feels like it.' 

Source: UK Daily Mail/ACA
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