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25 Cute Names To Call Your Boyfriend

Are you looking for cute names to call your boyfriend or lover? Does the idea of being overly cutsie make you feel all warm and squishy inside?

Maybe you just really want to annoy your guy with an adorable pet name to call him in front of his friends? Well, you’re in luck! Here are 25 cute names to call your boyfriend.
Everyone has a pet name for their lover, even if it’s only in the bedroom. But when “Baby” and “honey” get a little old, what’s a girl to do? Have no fear, we’ve come up with twenty-five pet names guaranteed to make everyone else around you feel nauseated and annoyed.

#1 Snookums

One of the cutest pet names ever to be uttered by a woman or a man is “snookums.” This pet name is not only guaranteed to get an audible moan of disgust from anybody around you who is not in a
relationship, but it’s also fun to say. Go ahead, say it a few times… it sort of just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

#2 Honey Buns

Now, let me ask you this: What could possibly be better than calling your guy “honey buns” as you smack him lightly on the ass and smile? If he’s got any kind of sense of humor he’ll laugh at your
antics…otherwise he’ll just think you’ve lost your mind. Either way, this one’s fun.

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#3 Sweetie

Are you and your guy Whovians? Do you dream of Matt Smith or David Tennant sweeping you off in the TARDIS and running away with you? If so, then you already know that River Song has coined the pet name “Sweetie” and your guy will love you for calling him this one.

#4 Sugar Daddy

What retro ‘70s fan wouldn’t want to be called “Sugar Daddy?” This one’s definitely for that disco dude in your life.

#5 Love Muffin

love muffin
Another cutsie name guaranteed to at least get a pronounced eye roll from your friends, “Love Muffin” meets the sweetness standard and the annoying your friends’ standard. Basically, this one is the pet name of all pet names.

#6 Sexy

Because he is.

#7 Good Lookin’

good lookin
The pet name to boost his ego – especially when he’s around all his hunky friends.

#8 Darlin’

The ultimate pet name for gentlemen under the Mason-Dixon line. Make sure you say it with a slight Southern drawl as well.

#9 Hunk of Man Meat

hunk of man meat
This one’s not only sexy, but it’s also…manly. This pet name will guarantee your big guy knows that you know he’s the man.

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#10 Sugar Pop

If you want a pet name that’s as close to Alice in Mel’s Diner as you can get (you know, the gum smacking waitress who won’t take any crap), then this is the one to call him. It might be a pet name, but it shows that you’re still the one in charge.

#11 Studly

Does your man proudly show off his muscles after a day at the gym? Is your guy’s self-confidence over the top? Do you love him for it anyway? Then this is the pet name for you.

#12 Romeo

“Romeo” can go two ways: The guy who’s romantic and the guy you are sarcastically calling romantic because he is most definitely not.

#13 Sexy Devil

sexy devil
If you want a pet name to call your guy that will immediately inform him (in not so many words) that you want to take him to bed then this is the one to call him. Make sure you give him your oh so seductive bedroom eyes as you crook your finger at him summoning him into bed.

#14 Prince Charming

Once upon a time fans are sure to love this particular pet name. Not only does it give him the “knight in shining armour” feel, but it also puts him above all others. Because after all, what woman doesn’t want her very own Prince Charming?

#15 Babe

A shortened version of Baby, but still not too over the top; you can actually call him Babe in front of his friends without them breaking his balls for it later.

#16 Love

If you’ve ever been to Ireland, you’ll see that the women there use all kinds of pet names. Many of them are animal related like “duckie” or “chicken,” but “love” is a very frequently used pet name and it is perfect for that special man in your life that you, well, love.

#17 Lover Boy

lover boy
Of course, if “love” isn’t enough, then give the pet name “lover boy” a try. It still has an adoring feel to it, but with just a small touch of sexy that spices the name up a little bit and provides him with a few naughty thoughts.

#18 Sex Bomb

If you’re going to go all out for a super sexy manly name, then “sex bomb” is the way to go. You can call him this in front of your friends, but definitely not in front of your parents.

#19 Stallion

Is your guy a Rocky fan? Perhaps he’s just super sexy in a Rocky Balboa sort of way? If you’ve got the Italian Stallion for a guy, why not make that his pet name? It lets the world know your man is THE man.

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#20 Champ

Of course, you can also just call him a “champ.” If your man is tough and brawny, or at least one who never quits, then this is most definitely the pet name for him.

#21 Gorgeous

This one is definitely an ego boost.

#22 Sweet Cheeks

A cutsie pet name that you cannot call him in public, but you can say it when the two of you are home alone, and spice it up with a little tap on his ass.

#23 My Heart

my heart
A sentimental and romantic pet name for anyone who is past the, “He’s amazing in bed,” stage and moved onto the, “We’ve been together so long I don’t think we could actually make it apart,” stage.

#24 My Man

An honest pet name that states a fact and only the fact. But this is a very important fact.

#25 Superman

Whether your guy is a comic book buff or he’s just an awesome guy, this is one pet name that he won’t complain about (and you can say it in front of his friends!).
There are probably hundreds of other cute names to call your guy, but will this make him any more romantic? Guys are often just so… well, un-romantic. What cute names does he use to call you, if any?

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