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Family members and supporters of the condemned 9 drug traffickers in Indonesia say their final goodbye

Some families and supporters of the Bali 9 condemned drug traffickers arrived at Cilacap port to say their final goodbye.

Chan with his fiancé now wife.
Andrew Chan who married his partner Febyanti Herewila yesterday inside the prison on 'death Island' said it was a bitter sweet time for him while Myuran Sukumaran's famiy members were there for him. Myuran's sister Brintha wailed as she was supported by family members, she could not control her crying as she made her way through the crowds of people outside the port gates. A
t one point she collapsed and had to be supported by other family members, including her mother.

Myuran and Andrew Chan
Chan's mother Helen Chan arrived visibly crying and had to be carried away as police officers led the family through the crowd.

After the family arrived at the port, an ambulance arrived at the ferry terminal with nine coffins on board, which made them more upset. Inside the port complex, family members could be heard wailing for their doomed loved ones who are just hours from facing a firing squad. The families arrived on Monday but were told they would give their final goodbyes today Tuesday 28th April, 2015.
Andrew Chan's Mum
Picture Andrew Chan of himself being shot in the heart

Amnesty International has begged the Indonesian Government to wait for one more court date to be heard for all 9 convicts but the execution is still expected to take place after midnight on Wednesday, Indonesian time.
Chilling step by step depiction of how the prisoners will be killed.
Executions expected to go ahead despite court agreeing to hear legal challenge on May 12.

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