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How to Find a Life Partner

We all want to find a partner we can share our life with who loves us and we love him / her. Most of us do not make a plan to make this happen. Why is this ? We plan to buy a car, a house, to have children, to get a job we love... but not to find our life partner. Perhaps it's time we start planning to achieve one of the most important dream in life: who to share our life with.

Make your own personal Mantra, like 'I am beautiful. I deserve love'. You know this to be true when you are in love because you feel it. When you not in love or you have fallen out of love you might not feel it. As it comes from the inside we need something from the inside to make us feel beautiful again.

Make the best of you, first visual and second, when you speak and listen.You are your most
important asset. Before we ever speak to anyone we visualise (look). Then we verbalise (speak) and non verbalisation (listen and body language). It's a natural process to get to know the other people and to filter our attention.
Attract the right people in your life including your life partner are other people. What I mean is if you are, 'giving love' to other people by simple things like smiling, saying something positive, bake a cake, send a card.

Find a hobby you have a passion for. We are all most natural and ourselves if we do something we enjoy. But it's even better if it is something we have passion for. It will sustain us, make us happy, take away sadness, distract us.

Write down 5 to 10 things you must have in a life partner. Then think about where this 'type of man' might spend their time. Go and spend some time there and look amazing but also be yourself. If you don't have much time or motivation just do it ones a month to start with.

Use the contacts you already have. Ask your friends if they know someone. You could meet with your ex boyfriend for a coffee and a chat only.

* If you are a girl, asks guys for advice.
* If you are a girl, don't sleep with him until he shows you he deserves you.
* If you are a guy, be confident, take charge. Some girls like it. However, some don't.
* If you are a guy, ask girls for advice.

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