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20-year-old Omonimewa Ojo  finally met his Waterloo, suspect who belong to a ring of auto snatchers working in the South West piece of the nation.

Ojo was captured by men of the Ondo State Police Command along Owo-Abuja Road, and was paraded before newsmen by the Commissioner of Police, Ondo

State, Mr. Isaac Eke, at the Police home office, Akure, amid which the suspect uncovered that he had been snatch­ing cars right from when he was 16 and in secondary school.

Ojo said he was acquainted with car snatching by his companion, whose name was basically given as Seun in the place where he grew up in Ekiti state.

Presently 20 years of age, Ojo reviewed that his first adventure in car snatching happened when he was 16, in his group, Ekiti State. The accomplishment of that first robbery adventure clearly left a charming, sweet taste in his mouth and he appreciated it. Thus was established a framework that he energetically based on, captivating all the more in car snatching adventures until the well known saying was satisfied: Everyday for the thief, yet one day for the owner of the house. At the point when that day came, cautious policemen captured him and that specific episode turned into his last.

Once more, as another saying states, “if the rodent and the reptile both strive for a swim, when the water gets dry the group of the reptile, it won’t get dry that of the rodent,” Ojo was gotten by the police yet Seun, who acquainted him with the wrongdoing and drove their last car snatching run, effectively got away when they were ceased by the police. While the police are still hot on Seun’s trail, Ojo is currently snapping his teeth in police authority and most likely wishing he had listened to the voice of heart that probably been cautioning him to stop wrong act.

As is regular with captured, suspected hoodlums, Ojo has been accusing Mr. Devil for encouraging him to overlook the voice of soul and all the pleas of his relatives to come back to the slender and genuine way of life.

He said: “The fiend truly brought about my difficulty in light of the fact that it was the devil that drove me into theft, particularly snatching of c ars. Despite the fact that it was Seun that introduced me to robbery, I later got to be more active than him even before we left second­ary school in Ekiti State. I was acquainted with burglary while in SS2 in secondary school and our teachers had been casualties of our operations.”

He included: “When we left secondary school we chose not to further our studies but rather proceed with the work we were doing and we were making it until the last operation where we were captured by the Police.”

Despite the fact that the suspect ex­pressed laments over every one of his activities, he demanded that he had profited from the returns of the theft operations.

Hear him: “I was living big and everyone was looking at me as a king. I spent cash as I loved and I had such a large number of things. devil was my teacher who taught me how to snatch cars. I have lamented all that I did, and I look for kindness from the Police. I would prefer not to be taken to court.”

He expressed that his parents and siblings were living in the town where he grew up in Ekiti state, while he was only one living with his friends who are co-criminals in Akure, Ondo state.

He said he migrated to Akure not long after his secondary education through the impact of Seun, who was in charge of his welfare when he went staying with him in Akure before he proceeded with the theft operations.

Any trusts of Ojo getting a relief was dashed by the affirmation given by the Commis­sioner of Police that the suspect’s days with fast and furious driving in the offer to escape had ended because he would be prosecuted accordingly and justice served in his case.

He additionally repeated a warning to thieves that the Police Com­mand in the Ekiti State is immovably set out to make the state difficult for them operate.
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