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Is there Any Such thing as Nude Anointing?

I am a young Nigerian female from the southern part of the country. I am in my early 20s and currently doing my NYSC in one of the northern states.
After I found out my NYSC posting, my parents contacted one of our kins men (a pastor of one of the 'new generation' pentecostal churches), requesting that I stay at his place for my NYSC period.  He accepted. I was so excited that 'my accommodation' problem had been solved- little did I know that I was heading for a night mare.

My new guardian, a pastor, is married with two kids; however, his wife and kids are in the southern part of the country where they help manage a branch of the church.
I help-out with errands and house chores; there isn't much chores to be done considering the fact that there are only 4 people in the house (my guardian, the cook, another pastor and myself).
There are enough rooms for everyone; I had a room to myself and often shared it with the cook whenever she was passing the night.
The first 3 months of my NYSC happened so fast because of the number of activities I had to do.
Everything was just perfect until I had this encounter with my guardian.
I usually experience abdominal pains during my mensuration and my guardian soon observed this.
A few days after one of my mensuration cycles, around 1:30 AM, he asked me to come to his room for prayers and anointing especially concerning the mensural pain.
I assumed all was normal and suspected no foul play.
I knocked at his door and stepped into his room, he prayed for a short time and asked me to completely undress so that he could anoint me with olive oil.
I was transfixed and confused for a moment, he was so bold with the 'command', after I reluctantly undressed, he rubbed his palms with the oil and placed them on my two breast.
After a while, he placed one of his hands on my vagina and then rubbed the oil in 5 different strokes.
I was totally shocked and embarrassed, totally confused and afraid of what would happen. 
It all seemed like I was under a spell; after a while, I dressed up quickly and hurried out of his room. When I got to my room, the time was already 2:00AM, I stayed alert and awake till day break.
I cried intermittently because of what just happened.I could not believe that a man whom I respected so much could act in such a manner.
I kept the whole incidence to myself, I slowly became sober and depressed, always wanting to avoid his presence. Few weeks went by and then suddenly, one evening, he flippantly asked me to come to his room again for another nude prayer and anointing session.
Somehow, I summoned courage and said to him: 'No, please I'm not interested'. He was surprised but said nothing. The next morning, while I was doing house chores, he started barking and shouting without cause. One of the comments he made was: ' you think if I want to sleep with a lady, it will be someone like you...'
In the midst of his shouting, I was quiet and calm doing the chores - I said nothing. 
Ever since then, he always snaps and shouts at me for any little thing and  he has been very hostile.
Whenever I get home 20 or 30 minutes later than normal after work, he would ask me series of questions ranging from: Where did you go to? Where are you coming from? Who were you with? etc'. On days that I am off-work, it is forbidden for me to step-out or leave the house including weekends.
I am tired of the whole thing and I no longer feel welcome in the house.
Hello readers, please, is there any such thing as NUDE anointing? What do you advise I do?

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  1. My sister there,s nothing like been niked to anoint your body ,and your private part,(you fall into this because you are ignorant of the word of God.,that is why people like you can be deceive.,my advice to you is to get out from that place and find another place.,but if you no where to stay then you can say,.but you have to be careful with the so call pastor.,and endures all the insults and the embarrassment you have found yourself.,,.this is my advice.,