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Serial rapist responsible for drugging,raping lady hitchhikers in Oyo nabbed(Photo)

26 year old Isah Buruku is a Fulani from a notable family was among the suspects paraded on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by the Commissioner of Police in Oyo State, Mr Muhammad Musa Katsina. The police commissioner told Nigerian Tribune that Buruku had been on the wanted list of the police for the offence of armed robbery and rape in Igbeti town and its environs.

Crime Reports learnt that Isah, who lives in Igbeti, had a Volkwagen Golf car and used to go to Gambari community to relax. Information gathered by Crime Reports revealed that trailers used to park at Gambari and commuters going to the northern part of Nigeria used to wait for articulated vehicles conveying goods to the north to board to their different destinations at cheap prices or to get a free ride.

 Isah was said to have taken his time to study the young ladies who used to be part of those seeking a cheap ride. From there, he was said to have come up with a method of approaching any young lady waiting on the highway, pretending as if he wanted to assist her. He would convince the lady that it would be difficult to get a ride easily at that point, offering to help such a lady to Eyenkorin in Kwara State where she would get a vehicle faster and cheaper.

While in the car, the young man, who is married with two children, would offer the lady some drinks which, unknown to her, had been laced with drugs that would induce sleep. After the lady must have slept, Isah would allegedly make a u-turn and take the lady to an apartment he rented aside the one he lives in with his family.

After raping the lady, Isah would reportedly ransack her belongings and go away with valuables he could lay his hands, after which he would leave her to her fate.

It was learnt that the ladies who fell victims had always felt too ashamed to report the case to the police and had always borne their pains in silence. Until the last one that occurred, which could be described as proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.
As usual, Isah was said to have picked a victim whom he drugged. He was reported to have kept the lady for five days, raping her continuously in her unconscious state for the five days. At the end of the fifth day, he was alleged to have removed the N50,000 he found in her bag and left.

Two days later, making a total of seven days that she had been kept, the lady woke up and raised the alarm, which made neighbours to rush towards her to assist her. The lady informed the police that she had gathered the money stolen by Isah to take home for the treatment of her sick mother before she fell into his trap.

When interrogated by the police, Isah confessed to the crime, admitting that he had carnal knowledge of the lady and also stole N50,000 from her, after which he ran to Ilorin, Kwara State to hide.
He also confessed to being in possession of a double barrel gun with four live cartridges, disclosing that the gun belonged to his late uncle but was kept by his own father after the demise of his brother. He said that he took the gun from where his father kept it.

The Commissioner of Police assured that the suspect would be charged to court after the conclusion of all investigations.
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