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Was Nicki Minaj really ignoring Beyonce at Coachella?(Photos)

They say a picture tells a thousand words...Well, reports claim Nicki Minaj ignored Beyonce while they watched Drake perform at Coachella..The same Nicki who is in awe of Beyonce and practically worships her..
Dalymail claims Beyonce was trying to chat up Nicki but the latter didn't even look at her
It all got pretty awkward between two of the biggest female stars in music at the weekend, judging from the look on their faces.The atmosphere between Nicki Minaj and Beyonce was decidedly frosty as they stood together on the side of the Coachella stage on Sunday to watch Drake perform.

Nicki, sporting a crown of feathers on top of her pink hair, looked thunderous as she turned her head away from Queen Bey, while the wife of Jay-Z seemed uncomfortable

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