White cop shoots unarmed black man 5 times in the back, handcuffs his lifeless body. He's now been arrested and charged with murder - Welcome to Nobleupdates.com
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White cop shoots unarmed black man 5 times in the back, handcuffs his lifeless body. He's now been arrested and charged with murder


Unbelievable! The video of this shooting is so shocking. And all this happened because of a broken tail light. Black people now game for police officers to shoot down? The moment a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina shot a fleeing unarmed black man five times in the back then handcuffed his lifeless body after he crumpled on the ground was captured on tape and it's shocking.

Police officer Michael Slager, 33, opened fire on father-of-4 Walter Scott, 50, on Saturday morning April 4th after stopping him over a broken tail light. The police officer was arrested yesterday April 7th after the video was seen by police. He had initially claimed he shot Scott because he feared for his life, but the video shows Scott actually fleeing from him. The officer shot 8 times, three missed Scott, a Coast Guard veteran. He has now been charged with murder. The video is quite shocking. Watch here and continue to read the story

Scott left and his killer right
Keith Summey, the mayor of North Charleston, termed the killing a 'bad decision' at a press conference announcing the charges.
"When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.'
On Monday, the police officer's lawyer issued a statement putting across Slager's version of events. He said the officer 'felt threatened and reached for his department-issued firearm and fired his weapon. "Officer Slager believes he followed all the proper procedures and policies of the North Charleston Police Department'.

But after seeing the shooting tape yesterday, the lawyer said he was no longer representing Slager

Under South Carolina law, Slager could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted of murder.

A lawyer for the family said that the footage shows Slager 'casually' taking Scott's life, and acting as if there would be no repercussions.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart said: 'This was a cop who felt like he could get away with just shooting anybody that many times in the back... He just casually shot a man that many times in the back. At the moment he turned and ran and was not a threat to anybody else that officer was completely unjustified.'

Stewart said the family would also pursue civil charges against Slager. 

Anthony, right, spoke alongside Walter's younger brother Rodney, left, at a press conference Tuesday
He also said that without the video, and the 'hero' who recorded it, there would have been no murder charges.
He told TV crews: 'What happened today doesn't happen all the time - what if there was no video?'
'What if there was no witness - or hero - to come forward?
'The initial reports stated something totally different - the officer said Mr Scott attacked him and tried to use his Taser on him. But somebody was watching.'
Scott's brother, Anthony, spoke after his brother's death. He said Walter had a fiancĂ©e, two siblings and four children. 
The Mercedes Scott was driving when he was stopped apparently over a burned-out tail light

Video below... Source: New York Times/Mail Online
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