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WTF: Woman Dies After Using a Carrot For S*x

It’s actually a pretty serious thing. When some process causes a lot of air to be forced into the vagina, the results can be deadly. When air gets trapped inside the vagina without the ability to escape, air bubbles can form and enter the bloodstream.
These bubbles, known as “air embolisms,” can cause blockages in blood vessels, which can be fatal, especially when involving a blockage leading to the brain or the heart. It sounds a little cold and cruel, but if you have ever had steam heat in an apartment clunk out due to air in the lines, you know the problem.
Women run into this actual risk of death during sex typically in one of two ways. In some forms of oral sex, air can get blown into the vagina while the oral process creates a seal preventing the air from escaping. Those most at risk are women with enlarged pelvic blood vessels “due to a condition such as trauma and possible pregnancy.” One article details 18 cases in which pregnant teenagers died as a result of air being blown into their vaginas “in the course of sex-play during pregnancy.”
Air embolisms can occur during solo sex as well, and so we return to the case of the carrot. A medical journal article details the case of a non-pregnant 40-year-old woman who died after inserting a carrot for autoerotic purposes. The authors suspect that air was able to enter her bloodstream due to the presence of an intrauterine device (IUD), possibly through some sort of tear.Bottom line: have fun, but take it easy. Know your risks, especially involving vegetables.
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