Sunday, May 3, 2015

10 Disgusting Things Guys Do When A Lady Says NO SEX

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Una weldone here ooooooo.. I miss ya'll
No prologue this time cos no time to waste time
Let's get to business
10 Disgusting Things Guys Do When A Lady Says NO SEX

1. Drives Her Out Of His Room
Vividly do I recollect the case of a guy living very close to
my villa who accommodated a young lady during her Post
UME exam. In the middle of the night, he made advances
and the lady in question denied him of entrance. He flared
up and drove her out of his room leaving her sleeping on a
corridor till dawn *Even Orijin101 is not exempted from
this act *

2. He Refuses To Give Her T-Fare
He labels her as a GOLD DIGGER if she dare ask for T-
fare after which she had denied him of entrance.

3. He Resorts To Beating Her
Even some married men are not exempted from this
shameful act (so as some young dudes). I have however
seen the case of a man who resort to beating his wife
because she refused. Neighbours gathered in front of his
door begging him to please open the door. When the FOOL
eventual opened the door, he couldn't even say what his
wife did that warrant beating (but we know what's up )

4. He Becomes Overly Stingy
It's no news that many guys exhibit " my money does not
go for free attitude". The notion that nothing goes for
nothing has turned many into becoming overly stingy the
moment their advances was turned down. Even Ronald4lif
is not exempted from this act

5. His Love For Her Head On Diminishing Returns
In the world of today, sex now seems to be the talk of the
day. Many want to get laid so as to be on top of the game
and brag to their friends about it. When no hope of bleeping
is coming forth after several attempts, they lose interest and
their love or chase head on diminishing returns

6. He Lies About Stomach Disorder
I don't know if this is medically proven but I have
occasionally overheard many guys complained about
stomach disorder when they are unable to discharge their
fluid. Many will act like they want to die just to make the
lady have compassion on them and let them have their way

7. He Acts Aggressively
Those who only see ladies as sex gadget would act
violently and aggressively like soldier going for World war

III. They become so rude and disrespectful towards ladies
just because they want to get under her skirt without
commitment and dump her in a wink

8. He Rapes Her
This is a common occurrence in the world of today. Many
will resort To Molest

9. He Turns Back And Acts Like You Do Not Exist
He turns his back to her and acts like she doesn't even
exist. In some cases, he wears his shirt and quickly pretend
having an appointment with someone just to send her

10. Guys free to add yourz
I drop my pen at this point


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