Thursday, May 7, 2015

5 secrets SHE’ll never tell you .. GUYS HAVE TO READ THIS

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Things your girlfriend will never tell you
So, your mother used to tell you that little girls were made of sugar and spice and all things nice; well boys, we’re sorry to say that your mother was wrong. Even if you think your girlfriend is the purest of women, everyone keeps secrets and your girlfriend isn’t exempt. To find out what your girlfriend will never tell you, check out the list below.

Secret she’ll never tell you: Money matters
Okay, we didn’t miss the memo and yes we do know that it’s the 21st century, but according to studies women do like men who have money. One study found that 64 per cent of women would still prefer their men to earn more than them. A study from the British Journal of Psychology confirms that women are attracted to men who drive expensive cars.

If you’re thinking that your girl doesn’t want a man with money and that she’s happy earning all the cash whilst you sit on the couch catching up with trash TV, think again; she’ll never tell you that she wants you to be rich because it’s bad taste, so you’ll never know the truth.

Secret she’ll never tell you: She was flirting
Flirting is something we all do, but your girlfriend seems to flirt with everyone and anything. So, what should you do? Confront her and kick up a fuss? Chances are, she’ll just say she was being friendly. Although seeing your girl flirt with other men is wounding, scientists say that women flirt to get what they want in life and you could benefit from their fluttering eyes as well.

Researchers from the University of California and the London School of Economics conducted studies into female charm and found that flirting makes men feel good so that women can get what they want. The study suggests women who flirt get around 20 per cent off of the original price of the car they were buying.

Secret she’ll never tell you: She wants a white wedding
When you were dating, you both shared the same common fear of big, overindulgent, frivolous white weddings. Yet, since you’ve popped the question your girl seems to have changed. All she can think about is walking down that aisle and rather than the quirky, mellow wedding you both discussed in your dating days, you’re getting a princess-themed ceremony at a big, expensive country club.

Even if your girl thinks she doesn’t want a big, white wedding, secretly, under all of her indie, cool charm, she does. It’s as if the white dress and bank-breaking décor is hardwired into every girl’s brains and it’s practically going against nature to ask for a low-key do.

Secret she’ll never tell you: Sex is important
Do you constantly feel like you have to beg for sex? Do you find yourself doing chores just to get her into bed? You are not alone my friend. Researchers found that men who did chores around the house got 50 per cent more sex than those who didn’t. Could it be that because women have less desire to have sex than us guys that they are using sex as a reward for chores?

Maybe, but gentlemen, a study undertaken by Kinsey Institution found that women felt being sexually satisfied was a priority when it came to being happy in a long-term relationship. So, putting these two studies together means that women do care about sex and that maybe they’re just telling us they don’t need it so that we do the dishes; just putting it out there.

Secret she’ll never tell you: That she doesn’t orgasm
It’s been drummed into girls that telling you she doesn’t orgasm when you have sex with her will shatter you. Yet 16 per cent of women are thought to never achieve orgasms, whilst 26 per cent of women reported faking an orgasm during sex in a study of 50,000 women from the US, Australia and the UK.

Yet, in the midst of wild, hot sex how can you tell that she’s faking it? Well, like us, when women come they are pretty uninhibited and just go with it. If you look at your girl and she seems pretty controlled then she might be faking. If you think she might be faking, ask her what she’d like you to do to her in bed and ask her for a little guidance.


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