Monday, May 4, 2015

5 things you must do to make your woman respect you

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1) Be respectable
2) Demand your respect. Repercussions play a large role.
3) Start respectable and you will finish respectable.
4) Do not allow yourself to be undermined. Consistency is key.
5) Your word is your bond

Men want to know how to garner respect from women, and here are 5 ways to do so. Even more importantly, this is not exclusive to women, but to society in general.

First and foremost, you must be respectable. You simply cannot demand respect and yet be
unrespectable. That’s like a woman telling you to treat her like a lady and yet she’s whoring it up and has the manners of a drunken sailor. In order to be respected, you must embody traits worthy of respect. If you look and act like a clown, you will have a hard time finding respect because your actions are not congruent with someone who is to be respected.

Secondly, after you are respectable, then you are now worthy of demanding your respect. Think of basketball for example. Michael Jordan, if he only scored 5 points a game, would be unrespectable. But him putting up 30 points a game qualifies him for respect. Once he is qualified, he is able to demand his respect. He is able to demand the ball in clutch situations. He is able to tell others to get in line and they will follow up on it. How does this apply to women? Sometimes you have to demand they respect you or else they won’t. It will be hard to do so if you are a sucker, which is why we have rule number 1. Now, if you allow a woman to get away with all sorts of things with no repercussions, then she will continue to do it, if not escalate the level of disrespect. There has to be repercussions for actions. Would anyone follow the law or respect it if there weren’t repercussions for breaking the law? Thus, there must be repercussions for you being disrespected. This doesn’t mean to act violently. The simple and best way to demand your respect is to remove your presence from those who do not respect you. Do not allot time or attention to those who are disrespectful. In the event of continued disrespect, you must simply be able to walk away, even if you would desire the company of that person. Otherwise, there is no incentive for you to be respected because your own value is lower than the time and attention of the other person.

Thirdly, how you start is how you finish. If you start off allowing a woman you are dealing with to get away with everything, she will have those expectations all throughout her interactions with you. First impressions mean a lot, and if she sees that you are a guy not to be played around with upon first meeting you, it will be much easier from there. However, if you come across like a clown and allow her to have her way with you, you will always have problems with her because her image of you is someone who lets things go and can be walked over. Having a clear set of rules of respect that you’ve communicated from the get-go is highly important.

Next, you cannot allow yourself to be undermined and you must always maintain your respect. This is essentially allowing things that go on that undermine your authority and respect. Some men will allow a woman to paint his fingernails or will allow himself to be put in a position where he is essentially the woman’s homegirl. He goes shopping with her, talks about gossip with her, never tells her when she is doing something wrong. Allowing a woman to draw you into this kind of behavior will lead to your authority being undermined. You will not be looked upon as someone worthy of respect, because as a man, you should never play the role of a woman. Women will also do things such as attempt to change the radio in your car without permission and will actually judge you based upon your reaction. These, among other tests, are actions that women do to undermine your respect. When you have no respect with women, you have nothing.

Lastly, one of the key components of respect is having your actions be congruent with your words. If you say you will do something, it will be done. Whenever you speak, your words are full of wisdom, and if you say something will happen, there is a high likelihood that it will happen. It is very difficult to garner respect if you continually talk about what you’re going to do and it never happens. This is why it is important to carefully monitor what comes out of your mouth. The more promises you make and break, the less respect you will have.

Without respect, you will constantly have problems with people, but especially women. Women are highly rebellious and will even punish men they do not deem worthy of respect. This is why you must be respectable at your core.


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