Monday, May 11, 2015

A Day At The Bank

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I woke up very late that Wednesday morning. I checked my bedside clock and it recorded 8:41 a.m . Even my alarm clock had failed, through its constant wails and screams, to wake me up that morning. I didn’t blame it though. I blame myself for staying up all night playing the newest version of Grand Theft Auto (GTA), the GTA V. I played the game well into the early hours of the day till a blackout occurred. I picked up my organiser on the small table beside my bed, and flipped through my to-do for the day. The first was going to the bank. My boss had instructed me earlier on to go get a huge amount of money (six zeros) for the next Tower Height Project, a skyscraper we were constructing.

I jumped out of bed, into the bathroom, showered, went back to my bedroom, spent some time in front of my wardrobe before I finally decided on a black top and blue jeans. As I wanted to be casual on that day, I opted for a sandal, instead of some other elegant footwear. I left the house with a slight feeling that something bad might happen, but I shrugged it off. This wasn’t the first time I’ve had such feelings, and nothing happened. So why should I care now?.

I hailed a cab and told him my destination, the Guarantee Trust Bank, and since it wasn’t far from where I was, a 10 minute drive and I was there. I paid and as I was feeling a little generous on that day, asked the driver to keep the change. I strolled generously through the lane that connects the road to the main bank building, cross-checking if my ID-card, the cheque itself and other important documents needed to get such large amount is present.
I checked in with the security where I was searched before I was allowed to go inside, through a security door. Once in, I headed to the manager’s office. He was expecting me. After exchange of pleasantries, I told him what I was there for. Swiftly, he ordered an accountant to go get me the money. He advised it was more safe to wire the money into another account than transporting in cash, but since that was what my boss wanted, I had an order to carry out.
In less that fifteen minutes, the money arrived in two different suitcases. The manager was so nice, he told me he had a transport vehicle prepared for me. That made me feel even more safe with such a large amount of money.
I made my way downstairs, after thanking the manager over and over again. I was seconds from the security door when it sprang open quite forcefully, revealing four heavily armed men behind it. Immediately, they started firing and everyone started screaming, getting down on the floor. One, whom I perceived to be their leader due to the air of importance he carried around him, spoke up first. “This is not a bank robbery. This is more of an extraction. Do not try to be an hero. I have a trigger-happy finger over here”.

My palms were starting to get sweaty hot. I managed to shield the briefcases with my body, turning my back on the robbers as I was on the floor, so as not to make them notice it when the leader continued.
“We’re here for Larry, Christopher Larry, hand him over to us, and you all will be safe. You have five minutes”
My heart nearly jumped out of my mouth at this. I started to run a series of thoughts in my mind.
“They’re here for Larry Christopher? Why him? Why Larry? Why ME? What business do I have with them?”.



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