Monday, May 11, 2015

A True Love Story: The plus size princess, her prince charming and their unusual meeting - Eniola and Seyi

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I sang for my prince with every breathe in me... Whoosh, it's Monday, we trust you all had a beautiful weekend hun.
We brought you a sneek peak of today's True Love Story last Friday and as promised we present to you our couple of the week, Eniola and Seyi.
They always say the slim brides are the fab. ones (yea, Disney gave us that impression. Every classic Disney princess has a small waist), so even the not-so-slim brides always work out before their great day to fit in perfectly into their white gowns... .but plus size bride, Eniola Kashaam, looked gorgeous on her wedding day!
The bride, Eniola

She wanted to feel like a princess on her wedding day despite being plus size and she got just that, thanks to designer Mai Atafo. 

Our love story:
Eniola and Seyi met through her elder Biola.

"We met through my elder sister Biola. One day while minding my business, my blackberry beeped, so i checked and saw her mesaage, she said hmm Arewa (which is mynickname), there is this guy that has been on my neck o, since he saw your picture on my DP over a month ago."

Eniola who was based in the UK then, decided to see a photo of him"but when she did, she didn't exactly like what she saw.

"So I asked her to send me his picture, so that i would see if he is my tpe, lol, then she sent me one picture  but i didn't like it. Why is he wearing this ugly glasses lol, then i told her that I was not interested and soon forgot about it. "

But Seyi didn't stop pestering Biola.

"After three days, she pinged me agaian and said she was tired that the guy won't her rest so i was like ah, give him my pin then. So she did and it changed my life forever.

We started talking, and Seyi made me laugh right from the first moment we spoke. We started skyping regularly because I was in the UK then studying for my masters' programme while he was in Nigeria. We became so fond of each other despute the distance.

 His calls will wake me up first thing in the morning as we will always pray together and we simply became best friends in no time. After four months, we decided to er, meet.

It was a very special moment for us, we clicked instantly. The truth is, it hasnt been easy as we have had our ups and downs but our love and prayers held us strong.

He is my best friend and every, he is my frist child and my big baby and I thank God for giving me my better half, he is not perfect but he is my one ina millllion and I am happy to be with him forever..."

Wedding Introduction + court:

We now leave you to enjoy their wedding photos courtesy of wedding photographer Spicytee below:


Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement Session | Nigerian Wedding Photographer
Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement SessionPre-Wedding Engagement Session By SpicyInc StudioNigeria Prewedding Engagement Pictures By SpicyInc Studio Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement SessionNigerian Wedding Photographer Nigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement SessionNigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement SessionNigerian Wedding Photographer | Eniola + Seyi Pre-Wedding Engagement Session     
Traditional wedding/Nikhai:
Mum and dad words cant express how much u both mean to me. U have given me everything and more any parent would give their child. I pray God keep u both for me and bless u beyond ur imagination.may u live to see my childrens children. I am another mans wife now and belong to another family but u r still my number 1
It was a one day Event ( Engagement , Nikkai , white wedding as Usual. The engagement and Nikkai done in 3hrs in the same location.
Otunba Subomi Balogun was the chairman for the day and Chief Rasaq Okoya was also there.
White Wedding:    
Enny and Dad
A lil advice for u tenny daddy likes his semo very soft also no salt in his food Use only one maggi no matter how plenty the food is. He loves plenty garlic and ginger. He like a his beans with plenty onions and don't forget to make pepper sauce with it. U must always buy wheat bread at home. His Quaker oats must be blended before u cook it. Dnt forget his smoothie every morning and his moreenga seeds���� Teniola on this note I officially hand over to u best of luck �������������� from ur big sis Enny.
You canw watch some of thir wedding clips especially the dance seeions (HERE), (HERE) and (HERE).
I thank God for the love we share through our fights our pains our love conquers all we nt perfect but our love still supersedes all. I appriciate all the love and dedication from u to me. I love u adeori mi my hero my sugar puff adeoba mi my prince


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