Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Benson Idahosa university Student dies out of Nurse Deligence [READ]

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Physically I am going to let a Benson Idahosa student explain what happened. Read below...
I am a student of Benson Idahosa university, a private university, situated in Benin city. Today, a student of the school Justin (pictured left), a 200l of International Studies and Diplomacy died at the school annex medical facility. Three days ago, the deceased who was the only son of a single mother was ill and went to the school clinic for medication, he was immediately admitted in the school clinic without being examined and drips were admitted on him for three days. Justin (the deceased) was ignored on the sick bed with drips on him. It was late this morning that the negligent nurses noticed the boy's lifeless body but it was too late as his pcv had dropped to 13. He was rushed to the school apex hospital (Faith Mediplex, which is also owned by the school's president, FEB Idahosa)

This evening, the students gathered at the clinic and revolted as the death of Justin was sudden and was caused by the negligence of the 'very rude' nurses, the riot which was as a result of the death was also propagated by other vexations such as lack of water, electricity amongst other things.
The school authorities are now threatening the students with increment in fees and expulsion of the students.
Attached to this mail are pictures from the scene. The windows were smashed and the door broken down coupled with other forms of violence. May the soul of the deceased rest in peace


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