Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dear readers; My husband's demands are weird

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Please I need your advice. My husband is the dearest thing in this world I've ever had! He's so different from most other guys: intelligent, funny, handsome, very muscular and well-built, and is an amazing person. He's also extremely playful. And I love him so much for all these. But there's this part I don't really enjoy: he makes some demands I'm not comfortable with. The two main ones are these: most mornings when we wake up from sleep he would insist we should kiss deeply with our unbrushed "smelly" mouths. The few times I agree, I don't enjoy it at all! Our mouths usually taste very sour then! I can never understand why he likes it but he says his love for me far exceeds my

unbrushed mouth! Also when we're eating, he would tell me to pour food I'm chewing in my mouth into his own mouth, even when my saliva has made it so wet and yucky!
Sometimes he just wants me to put plain saliva from my mouth into his own! And he would say it's the same thing that happens when we kiss, but to me they're VERY different. And funny enough, the few times I agree to do these things, he would end up with a very very huge erecti*n and we would end up... But the problem is, when I don't agree, he would say I'm not interested in improving our intimacy, that I'm the only person in this world he can do them with yet I'm denying him the pleasure. The truth is, I don't think I'll ever be comfortable with these things. Please what should I do??? Does my agreeing to do these things really build our intimacy?


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