Thursday, May 7, 2015

Evil Houseboy Kills Madam, Sleeps with body For 4 days and Attempt to Rape Widow

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This an Inside Story of how a 59 year old grandmother and teacher from Ogwashi-Uku, Delta state, Mrs Agnes Elue, (pictured) was found dead in her home at One Day road, Awkunanaw in Enugu Nigeria, today May 6th, three days after her houseboy murdered her and covered her body with blancket.

The houseboy, who is actually her close relation from the Delta State, had lived with Mrs Agnes Elue from Childhood, She Trained, fed clothed and Nurtured him until the said day Good turned Bad.

On this Faithful Day, the Houseboy called Joe by Relations and Friends went to one of their neighbour's flat (Mrs Ogbonna) a widow who just returned from the husbands Burial Ceremony at Around 8:30 Am and demanded for N2,000. The widow told him she didn't have that amount of money, the Boy pounced on her, Tour her cloths and Grabbed her by the neck in attempt to strangle her.

They had a scuffle and in the process, the widow was able to draw the attention of other neighbors who came in and held him.

When the Madams (Mrs Agnes) line was called severally in a bid to let her know of the crime his houseboy has committed, She wasnt picking up, on interrogating the Houseboy (Joe) he claimed the Madam (Mrs Agnes had traveled and that there were eye witnesses who saw her drive away on the day she traveled..looking around the compound, the woman's car was found packed in her usually, space.

Thereafter a search was carried out on the flat he lives with his aunty, Mrs Agnes's corpse of 4 (four) days old was discovered in the center room cover with blancket. He had lived in the same house for the same four days, ate, cooked, bathed and Slept along with the corpse.

He confessed to killing her on Sunday May 3rd during an argument. He however refused to speak out on what led to their arguments.

On Attacking the Widow (Mrs Ogbonnna) he claimed he had initially wanted to leave when Mrs Ogbonna told him she had No money, But on walking away Got possessed by an Evil spirit that made him want to strangle her.
Picture of when he was been taken away by the police.


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