Sunday, May 3, 2015

How to Talk to Your Crush Even Though You Are Shy

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Talking to your crush can be very scary and very intimidating.
This article will teach you 10 best steps and you'll soon be talking
with your crush easily!
1. Always have confidence, even if you are shy. Be proud of
who you are!
2. Always feel cute! Having excellent hygiene will help you
achieve that feeling. Brush your teeth, take a shower every day,
3. Be yourself when speaking with your crush. Your crush will
not like you if you pretend to be someone you're not. Don't be
ashamed of who you are - don't try to hide yourself!
4. If you are passing in the hallways, just try to get the courage
to greet them and smile cheerfully. There is nothing more
powerful than a genuine, acknowledging smile. Eye contact is
also very important in this step.

If you have a crush on a girl, compliment her outfit or
compliment her on things she does in class as well, or
something you know she did like an event or win an award.
This is also applicable to guys. Things like this will boost their ego
and make them feel great about themselves.
5. Talk about interesting things.. If you expand your knowledge
to a variety of topics, you'll have lots to talk about with your
If you don't know any interesting topic, you can read some
blogs or check the news. Read magazines, books, watch TV,
have adventures, listen to different music, and watch different
6. Don't ever lie to your crush. Be truthful. Do not lie. If you lie to
the person you like, they will find out eventually and never
respect you for it.

7. Don't ever give your crush mean looks or anything to draw
attention unless he/she knows you're joking with them. When
you do tease or joke with them, make sure it's obvious and that
you don't really mean it. Too much teasing may lead to hurt
feelings and a sour relationship oh! so, keep your teasing to a
minimum..tease them only about things you know that they
won't mind.
8. Stay away from bad habits. If you have any bad habits while
talking to your crush, you'll be at a downside. Try to be yourself,
but avoid cursing excessively. Keep your conversations
innocent, clean, but entertaining in a positive way.
9. When you are ready to talk to your crush, try to dress in a
way that will boost your confidence and make you feel
comfortable. It will make things a whole lot easier on you.
TIP: Try wearing an outfit that your crush once complimented
10. Now that you've talked to your crush for sometime, finally
come out with saying you like him/her, but don't say the exact
line! Your line should be something like a hint, but big and clear
enough that your crush will get the point and understand. Come
up with something original:
Please don't use "um" and "ah" too much. It will make your

crush think that you're too shy!
When confessing your crush on them, let them know about it
with confidence. Everyone likes someone with confidence - the
more confidence, the better.
And.. Don't be too confident!
Don't sound like you have practiced the line. One to three "um"
or "ah" will make it sound more natural - stick them in
appropriate places!
Have eye contact when you're telling your crush you like him/
her. It will make you appear more confident and it makes you
look bold!
Finally, If your crush likes you back, then ask him/her out!
However, if your crush doesn't feel the same about you, it's
Okay. There are plenty of people out there!
The right person is out there, waiting for you to come around
the corner. Move on!
-Do not leave it too long! If you do, some other guy might get
her before you do, that is an awful feeling.
-Having your friends talk to him/her for you can be awkward for
the guy/lady; it is best to just talk with him/her yourself.
-Do not be rude if your crush doesn't like you back. It isn't fair to
them that you are giving them mean looks and are rude to them
just because they are not interested in you.


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