Wednesday, May 13, 2015

'I'm effeminate, so what?' - written by Blog reader, Onyx Godwin

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Popular Blog reader, Onyx Godwin writes heartfelt article about his feminine stature and mannerism and how he deals with people's negative reaction to him. Read below...
Growing up, I always hear people call me "woman wrapper", people told me I behaved like a girl. I was just a kid in primary school then, I didn't know how a guy or girl behaves, so I was confused, shy, angry and depressed for a long time. The constant mockery in school and even in the church I used to attend, I always got and still get three basic reactions - the baffled and astonished, the indifferent and the one's that are out-rightly disgusted by me. I will take my time to explain this three set of people, just patiently read on...

1. The baffled and astonished; this set of people are shocked and surprised at my effeminacy, they feel amused seeing a guy who behaves more like a girl than girls, they are not irritated or angry at you,they try being your friend and having you around because of your rare and unique nature.
2.The indifferent; this set of people don't care,they feel less concerned and don't give any thought to your effeminacy,they simply move on with their lives!
3.The irritated; this set of people are disgusted by your sight,they mock you in public,bully you,call you " homo" or gay at any given chance,they will gladly kill you and feel no remorse.
This three set of people shaped who i am today,i grew up to be very strong and bold,i had series of depression,i was rejected and laughed at.i remember finishing high school in 2012, admission  was taking my time and i decided to work,the guys in the interview room were laughing and asked -u go sabi work so? See as u dey behave like woman and thin,guess what?most of them didn't get the job,i did! I ended up working there for over a year,even got promoted!
Many guys refuse hanging out with you,being friends with you or even walking with you because they will be labelled gay,EVEN GAYS THEMSELVES DISCRIMINATE ON EFFEMINATE GUYS TOO! PATHETIC
Yes we are effeminate, we behave like girls, we aren't men enough,we sway our hips,swirl our eyes and hands,belly dance,twerk and so much more, but does that make us less human than you lot? Does that mean we should get mocked ? Laughed at? Embarrassed?
I have major problems with Jonathan signing the anti-gay bill because it directly incriminate and endanger we effeminate guys,the society has already labelled us gays, the law sinply back them up and give them the liberty to brutalize us and get away with it!

Yes i am effeminate,i didn't choose to be like this,i did not create myself,i did not choose to sway my hips,bat my eyelashes,draw my words knowing damn well the world we live in.   
You igbos  know how it felt when kunle afolayan came for the yoruba weeks back?you all know how it feels to look for a job and not getting the employment because you are from a certain tribe, you all know how it feels when you are mocked for being short, dark,ugly, big nose,big eyes and all the naija usual yabbing,you all complain about racism even though the people that complain more haven't even left their state.if all this mentioned is not ok and degrading, why do you think it is ok to mock and degrade a guy because nature made him a "woman wrapper"?

Written by - Onyx Godwin


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