Monday, May 11, 2015

OMG! Another Police Brutality At Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria [see here]

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Story of alleged police brutality as told by a Blog reader. Read below...
 All this occurred on May 8th Friday between 6pm and 7:30pm. I went to AFC in Ikoyi to pick my boss after his meeting and the driver was trying to park when the companies Halogen security started banging on the glass of the car, i was seated at the back, i  wound down the window and asked him "oga what is the problem” ?, he said - make una park like this. We said okay and the driver drove towards the gate and was reversing back into the open car space. Again the Halogen security began banging on the drivers window and i came down and said come what exactly is your problem.
The halogen security responded saying “ these drivers are mumus that is how we talk to them by banging on the glass.”  I said is that why you want to break my window? Because of parking ? As i closed the passenger back  door i came down from, the Halogen security hand was still on the glass so he’s finger got caught in between the doors.

He started shouting have you seen , have you seen, you have wounded me . I said- is your hand supposed to be on the glass in the first place ? Infact call me your manager, i can’t understand this behavior. So his manager came, he is the one dressed in white native, i explained the situation to him saying i asked for you because i know these security men aren’t trained well and his behavior just now was very barbaric. The manager and i pacified the situation and he apologized . Meanwhile in the back ground the Halogen security was busy raining abuses on me, that if i weren’t a woman he will bounce on me, i am an ashewo, i am very mad, i am lucky people are here he will deal with me." Mind you this is an office security who is to direct people where to park and report any escalating incident.” He instead made a scene and was acting so barbaric, so i told him beat me? ova come , come and beat me lets see you. I dare you come .
I asked him he should come and pounce on me and see if he doesn’t loose his job. All the while this chaos is going on inside, my boss is on his way down and my co worker who was with me was also arguing with the Halogen security in the presence of their manager. The manager had told them to go inside and stop talking yet both securities kept yelling at the top of their voice how they will descend on us. 
Now here comes the unbelievable part, the police man across the road, right at the intersection of Osbourne Foreshore estate ran and came to escalate the situation even more. Initially when he first came he began shouting and my co worker and i said no that’s not what happened. we explained that we wanted to park well and the halogen security kept hitting the glass for no reason so i came down to ask for his boss and thats how the argument ensued. The police kept insisting no we are wrong we were trying to enter the building, and i said how can we enter a building that the gate is closed and locked from the inside ? How?

He caused a scene attracted more people, the manager of the Halogen security kept telling him no its okay , then the police officer said no, that he saw everything from Across the road and i asked him did you hear the conversation, he said no, i said so what do you know you saw ? You weren’t here ? you didn’t hear the conversation why are you screaming like you were here . At that point i knew it was pointless arguing with him so a lady who was there with here baby said we should enter the car and kill the situation while we wait on my boss coming out . 
As we entered the car trying to recollect the whole situation, the halogen security starting banging on the hood of the car, and said  “ move this rubbish out of here, move this car out of here now .” from the pictures below you can also see his hand print on the bonnet of the car. I told him, if you spoil it you will pay for it so go ahead, you will be the one who loses his job so go ahead. He and his second halogen security were now confident the police officer was on their side and added to the shouting at the top of their voices. 
The police officer asked my driver to hand the car key to him and the driver said no, i work under somebody i can’t do that. The police man said and i quote “ I AM A FIGURE OF AUTHORITY, I AM AUTHORIZING YOU TO GIVE ME THE KEY” . My driver said no until my madam calms down. I then over heard them trying to take the key and i snatched the key from the driver asking, what does the key have to do with the issue? What do you want with the key , i am the owner speak with me.

The police man went on trying to remove the air from my front left tire, the drivers tire and i said go ahead i brought out my phone and started taking pictures as you can see below. The manager of the Halogen security told him don’t, he was using his hand to restrict the police officer from doing so. He said its not needed but the officer was insistent on removing the air in the tire and i started taking pictures of him and he got so enraged he proceeded to hitting me and i caught it on camera. 
The Halogen security manager started shouting its enough , i immediately called my uncle who is in the military and at the same time my boss and the managers of the company then exited the gate. So they witnessed it and were alarmed at the behavior of the police officer . The police officer, halogen security and manager of the halogen security all began lying that the police man didn’t hit me . That my driver was trying to drive the car into the compound and the company manager said but she has evidence of you hitting her so what rubbish are you saying ? I opened all the pictures and the AFC manager was embarrassed and mad she began apologizing to me as we went into the building to explain thoroughly. I told her its not her fault obviously these security lack training every where but this police man will pay. 
She apologized that they halogen security will be removed from the job immediatlely and the police officer dealt with . I had already informed my uncle in military who has taken over the police officer. But my question now is supposed i didn’t have someone in higher authority to report to? is that how a police officers who are to protect civilians now will be going around hitting people because they feel they are figures of authority ?


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