Saturday, May 30, 2015

'omg: 'My cousin almost kidnapped & killed my brother' - Emeka Mbadiwe alleges, [READ]

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A guy named Emeka Mbadiwe sent in the story, alleging that his cousin tried to kidnap and kill his brother, Chika Mbadiwe (pictured above in the hospital after the incident). Read story below...
These are the faces of Otiti Mbadiwe (nephew of Ozumba Mbadiwe, the great politician who was named after the longest Street in V. I) and his accomplice known as Arinze aka Arewa who on the 27th of May 2015, tried to kidnap and murder his cousin (my younger brother Chika Mbadiwe) who accommodated him at his residence in Abuja. Otito visited my brother on the said date, only for him to lay an ambush for him.
His cousin who unknowingly came back from work, only to meet OTITO and his accomplice at home. Surprised to see a strange face at his residence at such a forbidden hour of the night, asked OTITO to introduce his friend. Immediately they

pounced on him, beating and clubbing him with a hammer like object. They tied him to a chair and covered his face with a duvet.

His friend insisted they kill his cousin outrightly, but OTITO said they should demand for a random before killing him. OTITO brought out a big knife and was about to stab his cousin to death. In quote, his cousin said "OTITO so you want to kill me". As OTITO was about to stab his cousin in the heart, his cousin moved, as the knife pierced his arm. While tied to a chair, he struggled and partially stood up while OTITO kept stabbing him. OTITO 's friend was strangling him from behind.

His cousin had to pin OTITO to the wall, while he managed to hit OTITO's accomplice with his right hand that he managed to set free. OTITO stabbed his cousin about seven times, socked in his own blood his cousin kept shouting for help. OTITO and his accomplice stole his money, laptop, and other valuables including his ash coloured Toyota camry muscle with plate no RBC612MQ Abuja. They drove off, while his cousin managed to get help from neighbours.

His cousin is recuperating in the hospital. PLEASE INFORM THE AUTHORITIES IF YOU SEE ANY OF THESE KILLERS/KIDNAPPERS. Avoid OTITO and share this message to save a life.

Attached above are the pictures of OTITO MBADIWE and his accomplice Arinze a. k. a Arewa. PLEASE PUBLISH THE ARTICLE, THE KILLER IS STILL AT LARG,MIGHT HURT ANOTHER.

My brother Mbadiwe Chika (above) is also a decendant of the billionaire Ozumba Mbadiwe who is a successful physiotherapist practicing in one of the best hospitals in Abuja.  Please let's pray for his successful recovery.  Contact the nearest police station if you have an substantial information.


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