Thursday, June 4, 2015

How to Be Playful with Your Boyfriend

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Your boyfriend can never be playful to you if you are just lovers but not friends. A friend is the best person to date and marry because a friend is flexible, but a lover is serious. True romance is a beautiful balance of both.


Be flirtatious, no matter how old the relationship is. This means small touches whenever you can, light kisses on the arm or neck, and genuinely playing with him(making goofy faces at him and soft nudges are encouraged)! Let him know that he's still all you see, especially if you get hit on in front of him. When you get hit on in front of him, politely reject the other dude and be super flirty with your bf to help him not only feel better, but also trust you more and know that you're all about him. 
Tease him a little, but be nice. If he slips up on words or drops an entire container of applesauce, you can absolutely joke around about it, but don't make him feel awful. Sincerity is the
key to a good relationship. You could also sexually tease him with suggestive touches or playful kissing.
 3 Jog his mind by creating a stimulating conversation. Hopefully you have something interesting to talk about, but if not, educate yourself in an interesting topic. Start researching something cool like abandoned buildings and bring it up at the dinner table-you two could be the next explorers in love! 
  • Always be cautious not to lie to him at this time, because if he finds out and he opened up to you he will be pissed off and might leave you forever.
  • Find a good way to tell your man bad stuff about you and the more the bad that you tell the more he will trust you because you are not hiding your bad side. He will grasp that you truly love him and you do not care about anything but to tell him the truth. This gains his trust. Note that you should tell him as if in regret to make him feel like you are clinging on him and you need him to keep the secret and protect you. He will feel like your hero. Do not boast about bad things at all, but speak them in regret. Tell the truth not lies because he will just find out someday if you lie to him...


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